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Miniature painting of a portrait artist with easel

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A Mediæval (OK, Medieval in America) miniature painting taken from a Latin book of hours. The artist is wearing a red gown and a blue hood and stole or scarf. He is painting a woman, holding his brush up against the canvas—or against the wood on which he paints—which is held upright on an easel. He holds a pallette in his left hand. Behind the easel a smiling ox is crouching. The artist sites in a small room with a round window with diamond-shaped leaded glass; there is also a shelf on the wall holding a book and some other items.

The ox may be an indication that the painting is of the Virgin Mary, since this was a papist painting. But I am no expert and cannot be certain.

Update: the picture depicts Saint Luke painting the Virgin Mary. St. Luke’s symbol is the ox, and he was popularly believed to have been a painter and to have painted a portrait of the Virgin Mary (some Russian and Greek Icons are believed by pious Orthodox believers to be copies of this painting). He’s painting the Virgin; you can tell because the woman in the painting wears a blue mantle, and blue is the color of the Virgin. Thanks again to Rebecca Klingbeil for the interpretation.

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