Book of Hours, Rosenwald MS. 10 (page 1/3)

Title: Book of Hours, Rosenwald MS. 10

Author: Tory, Geoffroy

Published by: The Roman Catholic Church

City: Touraine

Date: 1533

Total items: 16

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[picture: Letter ``I'' from 16th century book of hours]
[picture: Page detail from Mediaeval Book of Hours]
[picture: Letter ``D'' from 16th century book of hours]
[picture: Letter ``S'' from 16th century book of hours]

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Some page images and details taken from a mediæval Latin Book of Hours in the Rosenwald collection at the Library of Congress in America. The manuscript was once believed to have been written and decorated by Geoffroy Tory.

The pages were scanned at the Library of Congress and are online there as Ms. Library of Congress. Rosenwald ms. 10

There are 113 leaves in the manuscript, which is written on parchment approximately 24cm high (10 inches or so).

In some cases I have digitally enlarged the images so that you can use them in print projects; this makes the larger images be slightly fuzzy.

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