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24.—Contents of Ancient British Barrows, in Salisbury Plain,Wiltshire,England more

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24.—Contents of Ancient British Barrows

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1, 2. Flint Arrow-Heads.
3,4. Celts
[Note: Webster (1913) gives
Celt, n. LL. celts a chisel. (Archaeol.)
A weapon or implement of stone or metal, found in the tumuli, or barrows, of the early Celtic nations.
5. Weapon.
6. Pin.
7. Arrow-Head.
8. Dirk or Knife.
9. Spear Head.
10. Lance Head.
[5 to 10 are marked ‘Of Bronze’]
11. Brass Knife in sheath, set in stag’s-horn handle.
12. Flint Spear-Head.
13. Ivory Tweezers.
14. Ivory Bodkin.
15. Amber Ornament.

16. Necklace of Shells.
17. Beads of Glass.
18. Ivory Ornament.
19. Nippers.
20. Stone for Sling.
21. Stone to sharpen bone.
22. Ring Amulet.
23. Breastplate of Blue Slate.
24. Incense Cup.
25. Ditto.
26. Ditto.
27. Whetstone.
28 to 32. Urns.
33 to 37. Drinking-Cups.” (p. 8)

“...the things which contributed to comfort, to security, and to the graces of life (Fig. 24).” (p. 10)

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