Art in England During the Elizabethan and Stuart Periods (page 1/3)

[picture: Front Cover, Art In England]

Title: Art in England During the Elizabethan and Stuart Periods

Author: Holme, Charles

Date: 1908

Total items: 15

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[picture: Initial Capital Letter ``A'' With Scholars]

Initial Capital Letter “A” With Scholars

This historiated decorative initial “A” was used as a drop cap, or dropped capital, at the start of a chapter. It shows two people wearing hats and robes and I think soft turned-down [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Title Page, Art In England]

Title Page, Art In England

Art in England During the Elizabethan and Stuart Periods [more...] [$]

[picture: Rain-Water Head, Haddon Hall]

Rain-Water Head, Haddon Hall

A rain-head, collecting water from gutters and divirting it to a down-pipe, elaorately carved in the Gothic style. [$]

[picture: Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (1 of 2)]

Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (1 of 2)

Hardwick Hall is known for its outstanding 16th and 17th Century tapestries and embroideries. [more...] [$]

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Places shown:

Bakewell ·Canada ·Chesterfield ·Derbyshire ·Doe Lea ·Glamorgan ·Hardwick Hall ·Kent ·Langley ·Ludlow ·Penshurst ·Powys ·Rumwood Court ·Shrewsbury ·Shropshire ·Surrey ·Welshpool ·Wonersh ·none

Pictures from Art In England, edited by Charles Holme [1848-1923], London, 1908

The full title is “Art in England During the Elizabethan and Stuart Periods, Written by Aymer Vallance, With a Note on the First Century of England Engraving by Malcolm C. Salaman. Illustrations after drawings by Wilfrid Ball, R. E., Harry P. Clifford, R.B.A., E. Arthur Rowe and William Twopeny. Edited by Charles Holme. Offices of the Studio, London, Paris, New York, MCMVIII [1908].

Note: I am uncertain about the copyright on some of these illustrations, so I have marked them non-commercial use only. If they were produced and published in the UK it depends on the date of death of the artist. If the book was published in the US, they are out of copyright. If you know for a fact they are OK where you live, go ahead and use them. Where I know the status I’ve marked it with the individual image.

I don’t know where the book was actually made. My copy was bound in Toronto, but it’s possible it was issued simultaneously in the UK and USA, or only in the USA; Paris seems least likely.

See also Sussex by Wilfrid Ball.

Harry P. Clifford is probably Harry Percy Clifford, who died in 1938; his work is out of copyright.

William Twopeny lived from 1797 – 1873 and his work is out of copyright.

Wilfred Williams Ball lived from 1853 – 1917 and his work is out of copyright.

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