Old English Country Cottages (page 1/4)

Title: Old English Country Cottages

Author: Holme, Charles

Date: 1906

Total items: 30

Pictures from Old English Country Cottages, edited by Charles Holme [1848-1923], London Paris and New York, 1906

There is a (black and white) copy of this book on archive.org.

This book (and all that it contains) is out of copyright, because it was published jointly in the US and UK before 1923.

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[picture: ]
[picture: Chiddingfold, Surrey]
[picture: Letter N from page 63]
[picture: North Chapel, Sussex]
[picture: Decorative element: overgrown well bucket]
[picture: Frontispiece: Cranbrook, Kent]

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Places shown:

Biddenden ·Cheshire ·Chiddingfold ·Cranbrook ·Crawley ·Devon ·Guildford ·Hampshire ·Haslemere ·Hollingbourne ·Kent ·Long Wittenham ·Lustleigh ·Nether Alderley ·none ·Oxfordshire ·Pershore ·Steep ·Suckley ·Surrey ·Teignbride ·Tonbridge ·Worcestershire

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