Art in England During the Elizabethan and Stuart Periods (page 3/3)

[picture: Rain-Water Head, Haddon Hall]

Rain-Water Head, Haddon Hall

A rain-head, collecting water from gutters and divirting it to a down-pipe, elaorately carved in the Gothic style.


[picture: Pound's Bridge, Near Penshurst, Kent]

Pound’s Bridge, Near Penshurst, Kent

From a drawing by William Twopeny. [more...]


[picture: Great Tangley Manor, Surrey.]

Great Tangley Manor, Surrey.

A half-timbered Elizabethan manor-house with tiled roof is here seen from the garden. Notice the cat sitting in the porch! [more...]


[picture: Printers' Ornament]

Printers’ Ornament

This decorative ornament was used after the text at the end of a chapter. Such printing ornaments used to be fairly common. This one has a has a central area that could be used as a cartouch, that is, a place to put writing or numbers or a design. There are also birds’ heads, [...] [more...]


[picture: Steps at Powis Castle, Near Welshpool]

Steps at Powis Castle, Near Welshpool

A sketch (with difficult perspective) of stone staircases and balustrades leading up to a doorway on the side of Powis Castle (Powys Castle, as it is today). [more...]


[picture: Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (1 of 2)]

Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (1 of 2)

Hardwick Hall is known for its outstanding 16th and 17th Century tapestries and embroideries. [more...]


[picture: Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (2 of 2)]
[picture: Map of New France]

Map of New France

Map of “New France” (Canada). From the engraving by Benjamin Wright (circa 1608). [more...]


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