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Pictures of old books: Two shelves of antiquarian books

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A photograph my partner took of two shelves of old and antique books in my study; it gives a good view of the book spines.

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Added by Stephanie Schroeder on Sun Oct 7 18:50:04 2007

I used the image of the double shelf of books to illustrate a call to action of like minided sister and brother scribes to refer me to any agents or publishers they know for potential publication of my memoir. I’ve received a record number of hits to my blog today b/c of that call to action. A "scathingly brilliant idea," if I do say so myself...please go to my blog and check it out.

Added by Alice on Mon Jul 4 11:51:31 2011

I usually use my own pictures to illustrate my blog, but for this particular article, I didn’t have any particular book in mind. what I needed was a bunch of older books, and your photography was perfect! Thanks so much for making these images available!





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