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[picture: Spines and Bindings of old books]
[picture: Pictures of old books: Two shelves of antiquarian books]

Pictures of old books: Two shelves of antiquarian books

A photograph my partner took of two shelves of old and antique books in my study; it gives a good view of the book spines. [more...]


[picture: Bookplate]


An “ex libris” or bookplate from Swansea Training College, showing a castle gate with raise port-cullis, and with the motto “Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche” from Chaucer’s Clerk, and a Welsh motto, maybe [...] [more...]


[picture: Bookplate: W. T. R. Powell]

Bookplate: W. T. R. Powell

The armorial crest for the Powell family of Nanteos in Wales, pasted inside my copy of “Johnson’s Dictionary” (an 1837 edition, not in itself particularly valuable). The motto is inter hanstas et hostes, which is, Betwixt spears and enemies. The owner was William Thomas-Rowland Powell, of Nant-Eos. The crest is a talbot’s head, collared, and the inner arms are for Powell. [more...]


[picture: Bookplate, return this book]

Bookplate, return this book

Beneath the main ex libris or bookplate is pasted a note: [more...]


[picture: Old Books 2: Chambaud]

Old Books 2: Chambaud

Chambaud’s Dictionary. Some old leather-bound antique books on a black background. They have a reddish tint, deliberately, but you might want to use [...] [more...]


[picture: Old Books 3: Chambaud Close-up]

Old Books 3: Chambaud Close-up

Chambaud’s Dictionary, close-up view showing the leather binding and the gold leaf used for the lettering on the spine.


[picture: Old Books 1: Chambaud's French/English Dictionary]

Old Books 1: Chambaud’s French/English Dictionary

Close-up of the tops of three volumes from Chambaud’s Dictionary of English and French. Leather-bound books are always photogenic. I’ve made this image available in lots of sizes; please use the size most appropriate. You might also [...] [more...]


[picture: My Wandering Boy]

My Wandering Boy

There’s a freshly cut red rose on this old hymn book. The music is open at “Where is my Wandering Boy?” and also “Give Me thy Heart.” Underneath you see the [...] [more...]


[picture: 1581 Psalter with Rose]

1581 Psalter with Rose

Warm sunlight streams down on this ancient prayer book, bible and psalter, open to the Lord’s Prayer set to music. A rose lies on the open book. [more...]


[picture: Memories]


A photograph of an old leather-bound photograph album with a candle and a rose nearby. Sunlight, polished wood, and emotion. [more...]


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