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[picture: Stack of old books, light background]

Stack of old books, light background

A stack of mostly leather-bound antique books. Old books. Antiquarian books. Dusty books. Vintage books in a pile! These are some of the books whose images (and in some cases text) you will find on The books were photographed against a white background; there is also a pile of books with a dark background. [more...]


[picture: Open Book with Victorian Border and Blank Page]

Open Book with Victorian Border and Blank Page

A Victorian picture-book open to a page with a red floral border on old yellow paper; I have blanked out the text on the page so that you can put your own text in there. (Hint: GIMP users can use the Perspetive Tool, e.g. in "reverse corrective mode", to make [...] [more...]


[picture: Victorian book with border, open, from above]

Victorian book with border, open, from above

I took a photograph of this Victorian book (1860) looking almost straight down from above; I have taken away the background, but kept the shadows. You could easily remove the text from th [...]here together with some of the Victorian borders and mediaeval initials therein. [more...]


[picture: Victorian book on leather couch]

Victorian book on leather couch

A large, thick Victorian book with an ornate gilt binding lies closed on a leather couch; in the background, wooden floorboards give a warm glow in the evening sunlight. [more...]


[picture: Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula]

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula

Atlas open to what looks like a redrawing of Frederik de Wit’s “Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula” of 1670. The map measures over four feet on a side (1.2 x [...] [more...]


[picture: Dumbledore's Wizarding Spell-book]

Dumbledore’s Wizarding Spell-book

This atlas, shown here closed and sitting on a table, is much larger than it appears: it weighs fifty pounds! It is bound in full leather with brass to protct [...] [more...]


[picture: Pillar]


A candle in its holder rests on top of an old book, standing atop a decorative wooden pillar. [more...]


[picture: Geneva Bible]

Geneva Bible

A 1581 edition of the Geneva Bible; I have scanned some pages from this book here. [more...]


[picture: Antique Books: Woodward]

Antique Books: Woodward

Woodward’s History of Wales is shown open to the title page. It’s propped up by an old Latin-English dictionary. [more...]


[picture: Antique Books: Grose]

Antique Books: Grose

Various antiquarian books, including Francis Grose’s Antiquities; this is one of the most popular images. If you want to use it, please copy it and host it on your own site. It’d be nice if you linked back to here, though. I still have the original image from the camera, if you want to [...] [more...]


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