Zlatá Praha (Golden Prague) (page 2/2)

[picture: Zlatá Praha Masthead]

Zlatá Praha Masthead

This is the masthead, the design at the top of the front page of this Victorian-era Bohemian magazine. [more...]


[picture: Winged horse from heraldic shield]

Winged horse from heraldic shield

This winged horse, or Pegasus, rearing up (rampant) is from a shield in the masthead of the magazine. [more...]


[picture: Padalo listí (fallen leaves)]

Padalo listí (fallen leaves)

An old overgrown stone stairway in a foggy forest. [more...]


[picture: Zvetly Fialky (Violets were blooming)]

Zvetly Fialky (Violets were blooming)

This is the second of a triptych of pictures by the Czech artist Ferdinand Engelmüler; the three pictures were printed on a double-page spread at the centre of the bound volume for 1897 and entitled z povidek stareho parku (Stories of a secular park). A poem by Lord Byron might accompany them; I am not certain, and will work on confirming that; I can’t read Czech and Google Translate isn’t vey reliable. [more...]


[picture: Zpíval Slavik (A Nightingale Sang)]

Zpíval Slavik (A Nightingale Sang)

A person stands on an overgrown bridge under the moonlight. A stream or river flows between reeds and under the bridge; in the background, buildings, and at the left edge of the bridge a tall evergreen. The bridge has an ornate carved pineapple at the right-hand end and a very tall and thin evergreen tree at the left. The overall effect is somewhat [...] [more...]


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