Ancestral Homes of Noted Americans (page 3/3)

[picture: Room in which Lawrence Washington was born, Sulgrave Manor]

Room in which Lawrence Washington was born, Sulgrave Manor

“It was in this rrom that Lawrence Washington, sone of Robert, and great-great-great grandfather of George Washington, was born.” (p. 106) [more...]


[picture: Penshurst Place, Kent]

Penshurst Place, Kent

“In this fourteenth-century castle lived the great English liberal, Algernon Sidney, the friend and counsellor of William Penn, who had a hand in drawing up the famous “Frame of [...] [more...]


[picture: The Post-Office at Penshurst]

The Post-Office at Penshurst

Perhaps Tudor or older?


[picture: Church of St.Mary, Redcliffe(bg)]

Church of St.Mary, Redcliffe(bg)

Version cropped for use as a wallpaper (screen background for computer desktop)


[picture: Church of St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol]

Church of St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol

Admiral Sir William Pen (1621 – 70), son of Giles Penn of Redcliffe, was buried at St Mary Redcliffe Church. He was a squadron commander in Cromwell’s Navy. He received Pennsylvania as a land grant in exchange for services rendered to King Charles II, and founded a Quaker colony there. Admiral Penn is buried in the church shown here. I don’t [...] [more...]


[picture: Methley Hall, Yorkshire]

Methley Hall, Yorkshire

This building was demolished in 1963, and there is nothing left of it. [more...]


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