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Tyninghame on the Tyne, in Tyninghame, East Lothian, Scotland more

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Tyninghame on the Tyne

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Tyninghame on the Tyne (Residence of the Earl of Haddington)

“The glory of Tyninghame is its gardens and trees. Since the days of the sixth Earl of Haddington, the Lords of Tyninghame, the charming mansion in East Lothian, have given much attention to the arts of arboriculture and horticulture. For an art it is, as Binning Wood shows. This wood covers 360 acres, and was carefully planned. Avenues cross each other in all directions, and have their respective beginnings in one of three large open centres, the chief of which is star-shaped. Trees are everywhere, and very old favourites are supported by chains and rods. The designing as been a labour of love with the Lords of Haddington; and the heir, Lord Binning, with the enthusiastic co-operation of Lady Binning, is at present effecting improvements on the demesne. A beautiful feature of Tyninghame gardens is the Apple Walk, a rich sight when the blossom is out. Near at hand is a two-centuries-old bowling-green with the finest turf in the county. And a semi-wild pleasaunce yclept “The Wilderness” has in the late spring-time countless numbers of delicate primroses.

George Thow.” (p. 440)

Today the house has been split up into separate apartments.

There was a jazz trumpeter called George Thow, but that is a different person (born in 1908, 3 or 4 years after this picture was made, and in the wrong country).



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