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Plate 65.—Fourteenth Century No. 23.

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Nos. 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 13, and 14, from Lans. 463; Nos. 3, 5, and 6, from Cott. Lib. B VIII. and Nos. 8, 10, 11, and 12, from Add. 12,009.

Not a complete alphabet, but some very beautiful red decorative initial letters with blue filigree work. I have made some of them available as separate images so you can use them directly: O, M, A, D, U or V, I or J, L. I also made a sample Web page using the decorative initial so you can get an idea of how to use it with HTML and CSS.

After perusing the British Library Manuscript Catalogue I found:

Cotton Tiberius B. VIII (this is a guess; the library had a different bust of a different roman Emperor (Cæsar) at the top of each bookcase, and the manuscripts are named after the corresponding man. Here we have no name, but if we imagine Lib. to be an error of transcription by the printer for Tib., for Tiberius then we get to Cott. Tib. B.viii, Rituale antiquum, pulcherrime descriptum; cum hymnis, notulis musicalibus insignitis. 1.. 2. L’ordenance a enoindre et a coronner le roy et la reyne: avec une belle vignette illuminée.

Lansdowne 463 is Antiphoner, Use of Sarum (ff. 1-97v); Calendar for Salisbury (ff. 98-103v); Ordinal, Use of Sarum (ff. 104-133); Breviary, Use of Sarum (ff. 134-202v) (ends imperfectly) England, E. (East Anglia); 2nd quarter of the 15th century

Lansdowne 463

Additional Manuscript 12009: C. SUETONII TRANQUILLI de vita duodecim Cæsarum libri xii. cum versibus Ausonii in fine, de Cæsaribus. On vellum, of the end of the. xivth or beginning of the xvth century, elegantly written and ornamented.


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