A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy (page 2/3)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The front cover of “A Sentimental Journey in France and Italy” has gold lettering (stamped, I think, because it feels indented) and illustrations from the book. [more...]


[picture: Poor Marksman]

Poor Marksman

Cupid is watching a Frenchman practice his archery, shooting arrows at a heart on a pole. [more...]


[picture: Flying cherub firing an arrow]

Flying cherub firing an arrow

A winged cupid, a naked boy with wings sprouting from his shoulder-blades, holds an arrow ready to fire. Where his arrow lands, someone will fall in love. I have included both a large size and smaller ones, so that you can use this happy little curly-haired putti on Valentines’ [...] [more...]


[picture: Postilion galloping uphill]

Postilion galloping uphill

A passenger in a two-wheeled carriage (a chaise) is being pulled up a steep hill by a pair of horses, the driver, or postilion, is gesturing up the hill. [more...]


[picture: The Butler.]

The Butler.

The butler holds out a piece of paper or a small book. He is drssed in Eighteenth-century costume.


[picture: The Stage Coach.]

The Stage Coach.

The stage coach, or more likely a carriage, is pulle by two horses, a driver sitting on the left-hand one. There are large wooden cart-wheels in the foreground; the carriage [...] [more...]


[picture: The Pulse.]

The Pulse.

Any one may do a casual act of good nature, but a continuation of them shows itis a part of the temperature; and certainly, added I, if it is the same blood which comes from the heart which descends to the extremes (touching her wrist), I am sure you must have one of the best [...] holding out her arm. So, laying down my hat, I took hold of her fingers in one hand, and applied the two forefingers of my other to the artery. [more...]


[picture: At the bookseller]

At the bookseller

The bookseller climbs a ladder to reach a book, which he is about to hand to a customer, a lady in 18th century dress and bonnet, in this bookshop [US: bookstore]. [more...]


[picture: Presented with the passport]

Presented with the passport

the Count de B—— entered, with my passport in his hand. (p. 147) [more...]


[picture: Man reading at a table]

Man reading at a table

A man wearing an eighteenth-century-style costume, with cuffs, and wth curled hair or a wig, sits at a desk or table reading a book which he holds in his left hand, with his right elbow on the table and his right hand against his forehead. We [...] [more...]


[picture: The Conquest 1: Perhaps a kiss?]

The Conquest 1: Perhaps a kiss?

Yes—and then—Ye, whose clay-cold heads and lukewarm hearts can argue down or mask your passions, tell me, what trespass is this that man should have them? or how his spirit stands answerable to the Father [...] [more...]


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