A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy (page 3/3)

[picture: The Conquest 2: Walking down the stairs]

The Conquest 2: Walking down the stairs

If nature has so wove her web of kindness, that some threads of love and desire are entangled with the piece, must the whole web be rent in drawing them out? Whip me such stories, [...] thy Providence shall place me for the trials of my virtue, whatever is my danger, whatever is my situation, let me feel the movements which rise out of it, and which belong to me as a man—and, if I govern them as a good one, I will trust the issue to thy justice; for thou hast made us, and not we ourselves. [more...]


[picture: The Conquest 3: Through the door]

The Conquest 3: Through the door

As I finished my address, I raised the fair fille de chambre up by the hand, and led her out of the room; she stood by me till I locked the door and put the key in my pocket, and then, the victory being quite decisive, and not till then, I pressed my lips to her cheek, and, taking her by the hand afain, led her safe to the gate of the hotel. (p. 159) [more...]


[picture: Maria]


A photogravure: Maria. Here, a girl sits by a river-bank petting her dog; she has a flute on her lap, wears her long hair loose, and has a lace bodice. Next to her sits a man (the author), wearing a hat and coat, and shoes with knee-length [...] [more...]


[picture: Maria, detail - faces - two people in love]

Maria, detail - faces - two people in love

Actually he is in love with her, but I am not sure she shared the feelings. This is a detail from the Maria photogravure, sized for wide-screen computer desktops. [more...]


[picture: The Grace]

The Grace

If the supper was to my taste, the grace which followed it was much more so. (p. 202) [more...]


[picture: The Grace (brighter version)]

The Grace (brighter version)

A brighter version of The Grace that might be better for printing, perhaps to form the basis for a Valentine’s Day card or to make a scrap-book appear older. The trees in the background have suffered a little in this change, though. [more...]


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