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Enfants et amour jouant avec un mouton
Initial Letter N by François Ehrmann
Venus and Cupid
Passages From The Poets – A Garden.
The Rose of the South (Portrait)
Cul-de-lampe composé par Mariller, gravé par Marquet.
Golden Strings
Molly Sat Waiting For Her Father
For Ever. By Herbert Schmalz.
Spring hedge-border corner image with love-birds
Birth of the Rose
Initial letter T with cherubs
For One Brief Moment Our Eyes Met
Hark! the sea is crying to me in pain!
Decorated Initial Letter T with Cherubs and Mask
Page 483: Troilus and Criseyde, Book 2 page image
Troilus and Criseyde Exchange tokens
Page 501: A Chaste Kiss – Troilus and Criseyde Liber II
The lovers, wallpaper edition, from page 501
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