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megaliths: ancient stone monuments left by prehistoric people. Older sources refer to those people as the druids, although this is rarely accurate.
Synonyms: dolmen , tolmen , standing stones

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8.—Druidical Stone in Persia.
9.—Druidical Circle of Jersey
17.—Sarum Plain
18.—Various Barrows.
19.—Various Barrows
20.—Varieties of Druid Barrow
21.—Four Tumuli at Barlow Hills, Essex
22.—Galleries at New Grange, Plan and Section
25.—General View of Abury Restored.
26.—Abury Plan and Section
27.—Abury.  Extended Plan.
28.—Abury.  Bird’s eye view, from the South.
34.—Stones at Stanton Drew
36.—Kit’s Coty House near Aylesford, Kent
37.—Kit’s Coty House.
38.—King’s Coty House
39.—Trevethy Stone
40.—Cromlech at Plas Newydd, Anglesey
41.—Constantine Tolman, Cornwall
42.—Wayland Smith’s Cave
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