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crosses: christian religious symbol of a humiliating death by torture, often found in churches or in public places. A Protestant cross is empty (Christ is no longer suffering) and a Roman Catholic cross has a writhing dying Jesus on it, a supposedly naked man, making it a crucifix.

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Front Cover, Northland Journeys
Chi-rho symbol (Px) in red, black ad gold from front cover.
St. Simon Stylites, Hermit of the Pillar
53.1.—Cross of the Holy Name
53.4.—Decorative Cross
53.5.—Cross With Unkempt Hair
53.6.—Cross with Circle
53.7.—Clubs On Legs
53.9.—Gothic Cross
53.11.—Four Quarters Cross
53.21.—Decorative Cross
Saint Bonaventura as a Monk
825.—Waltham Cross
826.—Charing Cross.
934.—Gable Crosses.
1048.—Border with Evangelists
1050.—Border with Bishops
Open book with iron cross on grave
Open Bible and cross in graveyard
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