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coins: small metal discs used as money.

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68.—Ancient British Coins.
69.—Group of Ring Coins.
92.—Roman Eagle.
95.—Roman Galley
Coin of Æthelstan
119.—Coin of Claudius, representing his British triumph.  From the British Museum.
122.—The earliest figure of Britannia on a Roman coin.
232.—Copper Syca.
233.—Silver Coin.
234.—Silver Penny of Offa, King of Mercia.
235.—Silver Penny of Regnald, King of Northumbria
241.—Silver Penny of Eadgar, King of England
816.—Penny of Henry III
817.—Penny of Edward I.
Money Chest: The Treasury
Money Chest: The Treasurey (Coloured version)
Shilling, William III
Halfpenny, William III
Heraldic Crest and Symbols of Art
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