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115. Love Hath So Long Possessed Me

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Full page image showing the sonnet and also the decoration. I have scanned the angel separately, as the next image.

Love hath so long
possess’d me for his own
And made his lordship so familiar
That he, who at first irk’d me, is now grown
Unto my heart as its best secrets are.
And thus, when he in such sore wise doth mar
My life that all its strength seems gone from it,
Mine inmost being then feels throughly quit
Of anguish, and all evil keeps afar:
Love also gathers to such power in me
That my sighs speak, each one a
grievous thing,
Always soliciting
My lady’s salutation piteously.
Whenever she beholds me, it is so,
Who is more sweet than any
words can show.



185 x 237mm (7.3 x 9.3 inches)

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