La Vita Nuova (The New Life) (page 2/5)

[picture: Front Cover from La Vita Nuova]

Front Cover from La Vita Nuova

There is also a rather plain dust jacket, not shown here.


[picture: 37.---Writing My Master's Words]

37.—Writing My Master’s Words

The poet sits at a writing desk let by a candle. The image is printed in black and gold. [more...]


[picture: 37.---Writing My Master's Words (detail)]

37.—Writing My Master’s Words (detail)

The central part of the picture on page 37 showing the mediaeval scholar writing a manuscript at his desk with his quill pen (a feather trimmed, slitted and used for writing) in his hand. [more...]


[picture: Untitled image, Mediaeval tower]

Untitled image, Mediaeval tower

Untitled image; a man (the protagonist) sits outside a mediƦval castle tower. He wears red boots and a long robe, a medieval scholar’s dress perhaps, and in the background a lady spares him a glance. In the foreground, green grass with yellow and white flowers. The upper left is printed [...] [more...]


[picture: Osanna in Excelsis]

Osanna in Excelsis

The phrase, Osanna in Excelsis (moer commonly written in English, Hosanna in Excelsis) in the form of a giant “E” with a decorative initial letter “O” containing angels, and a smaller E-within-the-e in a Mediaeval Uncial style. Printed in dark [...] [more...]


[picture: 103. Sonnet Introduction Page]

103. Sonnet Introduction Page

Full page image. In the decoration, the angel, presumably representing love, is beckoning towards the writer. The text reads as follows: [more...]


[picture: Sonnet Introduction Border]

Sonnet Introduction Border

The border and decoration from page 103. An angel, wearing a toga, but with bare feet and bare-legged, beckons to the writer, depicted as a monk with a robe and medieval pointed shoes. I included fairly high resolution copies in case people [...] [more...]


[picture: 115. Love Hath So Long Possessed Me]

115. Love Hath So Long Possessed Me

Full page image showing the sonnet and also the decoration. I have scanned the angel separately, as the next image. [more...]


[picture: Angel from page 115]

Angel from page 115

The angel from page 115. The angel carries a music book (I think, or possibly a harp), and kneels with hands clasped as if in prayer. He wears a white robe and has golden wings. [more...]


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