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Emblem 1. Serpent. Eve.

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This woodcut shows a naked woman (the Biblical Eve) near an apple tree; a snake or serpent coils round the trunk of the tree. In the background ar a palm tree, a camel, and, in the far distance, a man whom we make take to be Adam. A caption beneath the woodcut reads:
Totus mundus in maligno (maliligno) positus est.
Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away by his own lust, and enticedJames i. 14.

Not eat? not taste? not touch? nor cast an eye
Upon the fruit of this fair tree? and why?
Why eat’st thou not what Heav’n ordained for food?
Or canst thou think that bad which Heav’n call’d good?
Why was it made, if not to be enjoy’s?
beglect of favours makes a favour void:
Blessings unus’d, pervert into a waste
As well as surfeits: woman, do but taste:” (p. 4)



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