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Emblem 2. Sin brings forth death.

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In the background, a face of a storm-god blows a wind and makes a sailing ship race atop a giant wave; lightning and rain are in the background, and a building burns. In the foreground stands a naked man with a conveniently placed and eminently suitable cock’s head obscuring part of his anatomy. He holds an apple: he is Adam. In front of him a giant sphere with a cross on top of it; emenating from the sphere are the heads of various animals, including dogs, and also I think a human death mask. it is the corrupted womb of Eve. A caption beneath the woodcut reads:
Si malum cecuit unicium in omne malum
Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin; and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death., James i. 15.

Lament, lament; look, look, what thou hast done:
Lament the world’s, lament thine own estate:
Look, look, by doing, how thou art undone;
Lament thy fall, lament thy change of state:
They faith is broken, and they freedom gone,
See, see, too soon, what thou lament’st too late,

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