The Tricolor on the Atlas; Algeria and the French Conquest (page 2/2)

[picture: Algiers]


The view, delicately coloured in pastel blues, pinks and yellow brown, shows in thr foreground a group of people on a beach. Two of the people are riding horses; another walks barefoot; they are perhaps wearing Moorish clothing. There’s a palm tree behind them and, behind that, the sity of Algiers with its white buildings. To [...] [more...]


[picture: Bougie and the Atlas Mountains]

Bougie and the Atlas Mountains

This stunning and beautiful chromolithograph shows a view of a small town in Algiers, with the Atlas Mountains in the background. The engraving is captioned Bougie and the Atlas Mountains; the modern name for Bougie is Béjaïa. neither place is mentioned in the text except for the engraving as far as I can tell, but the text I’ve extracted [...] [more...]


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