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[picture: A Siege of the Fifteenth Century]

A Siege of the Fifteenth Century

From a manuscript belonging to EdwardIV., now in Sir John Soan’s Museum. [more...]


[picture: Donnington Castle]

Donnington Castle

The Gate House
The gatehouse dates from 1386, when King Richard II granted Richard Abberbury the Elder the right to fortify ("crenellate") his manor. [more...]


[picture: Broughton Castle]

Broughton Castle

The Barbican or Outer Gate
Started in AD 1300 or so by Sir John de Broughton and granted a licence to crenellate (that is, to fortify it and add the embrasures for archers ontop of the roof) in 1406, [...] [more...]


[picture: Plan of Kenilworth Castle]

Plan of Kenilworth Castle

There has been a castle at this site since at least the first half of the 12th century, although the oldest of the present buildings could be as late as the 1260s according to Sir Charles Oman. [more...]


[picture: Trematon Castle: The Gate-house]

Trematon Castle

The gate-house [more...]


[picture: St Mawes Castle, Cornwall: The Gateway]

St Mawes Castle

The Gateway [more...]


[picture: St. Michael's Mount;]

St. Michael’s Mount;

The westernmost of the castles of the British Isles is in some ways the most interesting and picturesque of them all. Essentially a water-fortress girt round on all sides by a natural moat, it [...] [more...]


[picture: Ludlow Castle: Inner Ward and Round Chapel]

Ludlow Castle: Inner Ward and Round Chapel

Ludlow Castle dates from the 12th century or earlier. [more...]


[picture: Plan of Ludlow Castle]

Plan of Ludlow Castle

“This is by far the most important castle of the whole Welsh border, surpassing Chepstow in size and Raglan in historic interest.” (p. 135) [more...]


[picture: Ludlow Castle: Gate-way of chapel]

Ludlow Castle: Gate-way of Chapel

Late Norman also is the very curious round chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, which stands in the middle of the ward, and displays a particularly fine entrance door with zig-zag moulding, and another arch opening into the place where the now-vanished chancel stood. The interior, now [1926] open to the sky, was once very elaborately decorated with woodwork [...] [more...]


[picture: Stokesay Castle: The Courtyard]

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