1147.—Hand Organ or Dulcimer, and Violindetails

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1147.—Hand Organ or Dulcimer, and Violin

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Two men are shown with curly hair and mediæval clothing; the violinist wears a hat, a knee-length tunic split to the hip at the side, tight silk stockings and shoes with buckles. The dulcimer player wears a hooded robe, although the hood hangs down from the shoulder. Either his robe has a double sleeve or he has a shirt with a long sleeve buttoned down his forearm. It is not clear whether he wears boots, or, more likely, slippers with leggings decorated or buttoned. The violin does not have the modern characteristic shape, and is possibly a Vielle; the “dulcimer” is more likely a portable organ, or Portative Organ.

Dulcimer and violin players (Fig. 1147) were among the regular musical performers mentioned in the roll of Edward III.’s household. Hand bells (Fig. 1149) were also played upon.” (p. 334)


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