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1145.—Playing at Draughts (Harleian MS. 4431)

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Two men in mediæval clothing [US: medieval] sit with a draughts [US: drafts or checkers] board balance between their knees. Two other men, one a knight in armour, the other perhaps a page boy, watch on.

Harleian MS. 4431 is Christine de Pizan’s collected works.

Draughts (Fig. 1145) and chess were amusements of the higher ranks. The circular board (Fig. 1148) is peculiar; the chess-men differed somewhat in form and name from the ordinary chess-men.” (p. 334)



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Added by Bilbo on Sat May 19 15:24:05 2012

Although the game is listed as draughts, and in the above illustration appears to be so, the fact that one of the players is holding a bishop made me suspicious. So I checked the original MS and found that the original illustration is of a chess game. Why this was changed, who knows?
I am trying to track down the origin of draughts (to find out if it is actually medieval) and there is a lot of this misleading information about. Be careful out there.



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