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A woman with heavy clothing and a scarf over her head is serving hot coffee from a wooden barrel to three people gathered around her small table at a street-corner. In the background a baker’s shop is still shuttered up, showing that it’s early in the morning; a poster on the wall advertises a pantomime at the Theatre Royal; that and the holly on the barrel suggest mid Decemer. The two women seated for coffee have baskets: perhaps they are flower-sellers. The man behind them has a pick-axe.

In closing this paper we must not forget the old woman who serves hot coffee to the coachmen and labourers at in the morning; or the ‘Baked tato’ man, whose steaming apparatus glistens before us; or the ‘Ham-sandwich’ man, who encounters us on leaving a theatre. Respecting the first, it may suffice to say, that there are many labouring men abroad in the morning at an hour too early to find coffee-shops open; and for the supply of such customers with an early breakfast, a table is laid out al fresco, with sundry huge slices of bread and butter, an array of cups and saucers, and a vessel full of hot coffee—all served, we have no doubt, at a very small charge. (p. 319)


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