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Le Baiser (The Kiss)

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In this orange and black duotone print, a man wispers into the ear of a slghtly younger woman, or maybe kisses her ear or even nibbles on it a bit, as one does. A poem beneath it is attributed to someone called Hugo Safus, and translates as follows:

In my words, who are full of glowing kisses,

Do you like to listen to this secretive place?

Why do you refuse me your mouth, you shy child?

Kisses are dumb words of love.

Dumb words! De Cruel, are you still waiting?

Wake her to being! Oh, girl, your hesitation saddens me.

I embrace you, sweetheart! Now I kiss you, I kiss you!

Do you hear her speaking? They cheer and cheer: He loves me!

Hugo Safus. [via Google Translate; original follows:]

Meinen Worten, die voll glühender Küsse sind,

Lauschest du gern an diesem verschwiegenen Orte:

Warum weigerst du mir deinen Mund, du scheues Kind?

Küsse sind stummgeborne Liebesworte.

Stummgeborne Worte! De Grausame, jögerst noch?

Weck sie zum Sein! Ach, Mädchen, dein Zaudern betrübt mich.

Ich umfasse dich, Liebste! Jetzt küss’ ich dich, küss ich dich doch!

Hörst du sie sprechen? Sie jublen und jubeln: Er liebt mich!

Hugo Safus.

(p. 319)



185 x 235mm (7.3 x 9.3 inches)

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23149 dots per inch (approximately)



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