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[Picture: Chamber Court, Winchester College, Hampshire]
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Winchester College

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Chamber Court, Winchester College.

(From a Photograph by H. W. Salmon)

Winchester College Web Site

I found a reference to H. W. Salmon having a photograph used by the Illustrated London News in 1889; in Hampshire in 1900, by which time there was a firm of photographers, H. W. Salomon & Sons in Winchester but I have no further information.


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Added by Pam on Wed Jan 16 18:58:27 2013

This is really just a social comment! HW Salmon (1859-1940) was my Great Grandfather, and we are fortunate enough to have several albums of his. A couple of winchester and some lovely ones of my Grandfather and his siblings when they were children. I understand from my father that he was quite renowned for his child portraiture. I went to school in Bournemouth, and was very excited to discover that several of the old school photos were taken by him.



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