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Water Tower, with Roman Hypocaust, in Chester, Cheshire, England more

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Water Tower, with Roman Hypocaust

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“The descent of Watergate Street, at right angles to Bridge Street, led to the [River] Dee at another point of its broad, sweeping course. Of the actual form of the gate there is less to be recorded; but a little beyond this spot the Water Tower (sometimes called the New Tower), remains at the north-western angle of the city, so as to show us very vividly what the general aspect was of this part of the walls in the time of [King] Charles I.

Probably the Dee wandered very freely, at high water, close under the walls of this tower, which still exhibits iron staples, showing that ships were anciently moored at this place. It would be a mistake, however, to suppose that this could have been the case during the Civil Wars. Fuller, who wrote at the time of the Restoration, says, on taking his leave of “this ancient and honourable city,” that the worst he can wish it is this, that the distance between the Dee and the New Tower may be made up, all obstructions being removed which cause or occasion the same—“that the rings on the New Tower (now only for sight) may be restored to the service for which they were first intended, to fasten vessels thereunto—that vessels on that river (lately degenerated from ships into barks) may grow up again to their former strength ant stature.” ” (pp 93, 94)



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