The River Dee: Its Aspect and History (page 3/3)

[picture: Decorative initial ``L'' with wild flowers and weeds]

Decorative initial “L” with wild flowers and weeds

A decorative initial capital letter “L” used at the start of a chapter. This one featuers thistles, clover (or shamrock), and a flower that could be a daisy. [more...] [$]

[picture: Mace and Sword of Chester]

Mace and Sword of Chester

The ceremonial mace and sword of the city of Chester. [$]

[picture: Heron Bridge]

Heron Bridge

Heron Bridge appears to be just South of Chester, near Chester Meadows, probably in what is now called Handbridge, near Boughton. [more...] [$]

[picture: Bryn-y-Pys]


This hall was built in the late 1730s, was remodelled in the 1850s, and, having fallen into disrepair, was demolished in 1956. The engraving here was printed in 1875 [...] [more...] [$]

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