The Life Of Anthony à Wood (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The book is bound in tooled leather, with marbled edges to the paper. The binding is the same on both volumes.


[picture: Title Page]

Title Page

Title page from volume I: [more...]


[picture: Two Bookplates]

Two Bookplates

Two bookplates, one seeming older than the other: [more...]


[picture: Ruins of the Abbey Church at Einsham]

Ruins of the Abbey Church at Einsham

The Ruins of the Abbey Church of Einsham. 1657. Taken from the S.E. [more...]


[picture: Osney Abbey]

Osney Abbey

This woodcut is taken from a sketch that Thomas Hearne made of Osney Abbey and published in the Rextus Roffensis in 1720; it is reproduced in this book from 1772, along with the accompanying text which presumably is also from around 1772, and starts on page 135 of Volume I: [more...]


[picture: Bampton Castle, West Side.]

Bampton Castle, West Side.

BAMPTON CASTLE ruines taken by Anthony a Wood Anno 1664
The West side [more...]


[picture: Thomas Hearne M.A. of Edmund Hall Oxon.]

Thomas Hearne M.A. of Edmund Hall Oxon.

Thomas Hearne M.A. of Edmund Hall Oxon.
Obit 10 Junii. 1735. Ætat. 57.
Vertue Soul [more...]


[picture: The Castle of Oxford]

The Castle of Oxford

This small woodcut shows Oxford Castle as it might have been shortly after it was built. [more...]


[picture: Title page, New Year's Gift]

Title page, New Year’s Gift

This scan shows the title page from the 1772 edition of John Leland’s New Year’s Gift, which was printed as a fac-simile (such as technology then allowed) of the original 1549 edition of John Bale. [more...]


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