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In the Jephson Gardens, Leamington, in Leamington, Warwickshire, England more

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In the Jephson Gardens, Leamington

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“Enter the Jephson Gardens now by this eastern end, and go right through to the Parade, and to the Pump Room and Gardens across the Parade. These handsoe Gardens take their title from the celebrated Dr. Jephson, who for many years was a resident of Leamington and made it his home, living in the elegant stonehouse at the corner of DaleStreet called Beech Lawn – making Leamington and himself famous at the same time.

“Here, in these fair Gardens, is the very receptacle of Nature in the middle of a town – a sanctuaryfor birds, an extended bed of roses in June, an ornamental lodge at each end, broad stretches of turf, sweet flower-bordered pathways, a lake with an island and a swannery, secluded glades, sloping woodland walks leading down to the river, a Corinthian temple with statue therein of Dr. Jephson, and a quite Oriental bandstand with a glass-covered auditorium where high-class concertas are held in the summer months. There are but few places in England which can boast of so perfect a beauty-spot, so fair a haunt of the Muses. The town is indebted to the Willes family, of Newbold Comyn, an ancestral estate at the extreme eastern end of the Holly Walk, and especially to the late Edward Willes, to whose memory an obelisk is erected on the broad entrance way, for the posession of Gardens so beautiful, so well-ordered, and so happily placed in the heart of human life and activity.” (pp. 45 ff.)



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