Warwick and Leamington (page 2/4)

[picture: The East Gate, Warwick]

The East Gate, Warwick

...the beholder now looks down a narrow street, on each side of which here and there are dwelling-houses preserving their Elizabethan aspect, and at the further end of which, looming up like the background to a stage scene, stands, in all the grandeur of centuries of decay, the ancient East Gate of the town – all, indeed, that remains of a building ornamental [...] [more...]


[picture: Warwick Castle from the River]

Warwick Castle from the River

The towers of Warwick Castle are silhouetted against a sunset; smoke from the chimneys of two thatched cottages rises up against trees in autumn foliage. In the [...] [more...]


[picture: Front cover of ``Warwick and Leamington'']

Front cover of “Warwick and Leamington”

All of the colour plates from this book are online here, including a higher-resolution version of the cover picture, Leycester Hospital. [more...]


[picture: West Gate, Warwick]

West Gate, Warwick

A shepherd herds his sheep up Warwick’s main street, past mediaeval house.


[picture: The Beauchamp Chapel]

The Beauchamp Chapel

Tombs of the founder and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester [more...]


[picture: Leycester Hospital]

Leycester Hospital

These buildings mostly date from the 1570s; the site previously belonged to the Guild of the Holy Trinity and St George which was formed in 1383. The BBC has a panoramic tour. This building has been used as a setting in a number of television films, including Pride and Prejudice. [more...]


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