The Forest of Arden With Some of its Legends (page 2/2)

[picture: End Paper: the young mad read to her from a small book.]

End Paper: the young mad read to her from a small book.

The end-papers (inside the covers) are printed with an untitled design signed by the author. The picture shows a mediaeval scene: a young lady on an ornate seat in front of a log fire; behind her is an arch that might lead to a bed, or perhaps to a minstrel’s gallery. A young man wearing a cap is reading from [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Rosalind. In an Old Monastery Garden.]

Rosalind. In an Old Monastery Garden.

This painting of a young lady, Rosalind, in a (sketched) garden shows the young woman wearing brown dress, cloak and boots, and looking very much a product of 1914. She has red lips. [more...] [$]

[picture: Frontispiece: Dinant, Showing Old Castle and Cathedral]

Frontispiece: Dinant, Showing Old Castle and Cathedral

The building with the elongated dome structure is the main church, the thirteenth century Notre Dame de Dinant. [more...] [$]

[picture: The Castle. Vève-Celles.]

The Castle. Vève-Celles.

“And there before you on the hill stands Vève-Celles, the castle, wth the curse upon it, the blasting curse of the Hunchback.” [more...] [$]

[picture: The Sabôt Maker’s Family]

The Sabôt Maker’s Family

A sabôt is a sort of wooden shoe or clog. [more...] [$]

[picture: A Rainy Sunday]

A Rainy Sunday

A boy and a girl walk happily arm in arm under the shelter of an umbrella; the boy carries small bag and wears a cap; the giel wears dress and bonnet; both children wear clocgs and dark socks on their feet. [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: The Ruins of Montaigle]

The Ruins of Montaigle

Montaigle Castle, opening the chapter “De La Marck, the Wild Boar of the Ardennes.” [more...] [$]

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