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Illustration above the start of the poem “If I Had a Broomstick” showing a boy dreaming that he could fly on a broomstick. Maybe he was reading Harry Potter books?

The illustration is signed K. Nixon; I don’t know if it was drawn by Willy Pogany and then engraved by K. Nixon, or, more likely, Willy Pogany only did the colour paintings in the book.

If I had a broomstick, and knew how to ride it,
I’d fly through the windows when Jane goes to tea,
And over the tops of the chimneys I’d guide it,
To lands where no children are cripples like me;
I’d run on the rocks with the crabs and the sea,
Where soft red anemones close when you touch;
If I had a broomstick, and knew how to ride it,
If I had a broomstick—instead of a crutch!
Patrick R. Chalmers.

(p. 234)


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