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Gods of our Saxon Ancestors.

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In the engraving, Thor is seated at a throne; he wears a crown and voluminous regal robes, and has a halo or stars. Woden is also crowned, and wears medieval armour. In the back, in statue niches, the Sun-god, the Moon-god, Tiw and Soetere; Moon and Tiw are barefoot.

The image caption is keyed to numbers in the picture. Following the caption i have included an extract from the text; it goes on to give more details for the various suposed gods, but one should not look to such a book as this for accuracy. In particular, Saturday is usually considered to derive not from “Sœtere” but from Saturni, although Sœtersdäg is sometimes given as an intermediate German form on the way to Saturday.

1. Sun-god; 2. Moon-god; 3. God Tiw; 4. Woden: 4. Thor; 6. Goddess Freya; 7. Soetere.


The religion of our Saxon ancestors was the same as that of the whole German family. Christianity, which had by this time brought about the conversion of the Roman Empire, had not penetrated as yet among the forests of the North. The common god of the English people, as of the whole German race, was Woden, the war-god, the guardian of ways and boundaries, to whom his worshipers attributed the invention of letters, and whom every tribe held to be the first ancestor of its kings.

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