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A Guid Gangin’ Plea

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A Guid Gangin’ Plea, From a water-colour drawing by Henry W. Kerr, A.R.S.A., R.S.W.

An older gentleman sits at a writing desk with a quill pen in his mouth; he is holding what appears to be an opened letter between his hands reading, and smiling. I did not find the passage in the text, but the following passages do indicate the use of the word “ganiging” clearly.

An old Mr. Erskine of Dun had one of these old retainers, under whose language and unreasonable assumption he had long groaned. He had almost determined to bear it no longer, when, walking out with his man, on crossing a field, the master exclaimed, “There’s a hare.” Andrew looked at the place, and coolly replied, “What a big lee, it’s a cauff.” [I think, “What a big lie, it’s a calf!” – Liam]

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