New Specimen of Cast-Metal Ornaments and Wood Types (page 4/4)

[picture: 1048.---Border with Evangelists]

1048.—Border with Evangelists

I think the two bearded men depicted here, each holding a pen and page, are Saint Matthew (with the angel) and Saint John (with the cross). This wood-engraving might be [...] [more...]


[picture: 1050.---Border with Bishops]

1050.—Border with Bishops

Ths border features a bishop with a crook, another with a TV antenna, a cross, pillars, the letters IHS, and wiggly lines. It’s all a bit crooked, but there [...] [more...]


[picture: 1052.---Border With Saint and Surfer]

1052.—Border With Saint and Surfer

This border includes neoclassical columns supporting a rectangular space for the insertion of text; on one side is what i took at first to be a cool barefoot surfer dude with sunglasses bus it probably meant to be a prophet, and on the other side a bearded man with a halo and spear, perhaps Saint Longinus who pierced the side of [...] [more...]


[picture: 1052.---Border With Angels]

1052.—Border With Angels

Two female angels, winged women with bare feet and flowing robes, one with an exposed breast, stand as suppoters on either side of a blank rectangular frame suitable for inserting an announcement; [...] [more...]


[picture: 1054.---Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph]

1054.—Border with Mary, Jesus and Joseph

This frame, or cartouche, forms a decorative border around a rectangle for inserting type, such as a place-setting or perhaps an invitation to a Christening. On the left are Mary and Jesus; on the right, Joseph holding the Rod of Aaron with its serpent. According to legend, Joseph took the rod with him on the Flight to Egypt. The rod also symbolizes [...] [more...]


[picture: 1085.---Circular border of frame, red purple yellow and brown.]

1085.—Circular border of frame, red purple yellow and brown.

A circular frame or border, with an outer and an inner purple ring and between them, on a solid red area, alternate dark brown lozenges and purple and ellow balls in a geometric design, all with dark brown outlines. This vintage frame (or cartouche) was taken from an old woodcut, but I have coloured it to give [...] [more...]


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