Imitation of Christ (page 2/2)

[picture: The seamless undergarment of Jesus]

The seamless undergarment of Jesus

This digital reproduction of an engraving after a painting or drawing by J. F. Overbeck shows Jesus wearing his crown of thorns and removing his robe; one of the Roman soldiers has a hand on Jesus’ “seamless undergarment” and Jesus is shown not resisting. At his feet the cross is ready, and, [...] [more...]


[picture: Decorative Border With Christian Saints]

Decorative Border With Christian Saints

I’m not able to identify the people depicted in this border; we have Jesus and a Queen, but we also have people spreading incense and we have the devil, horned, barefoot, and [...] [more...]


[picture: Kneeling saint or nun]

Kneeling saint or nun

The woman depicted here is kneeling in a billowy dress; she has a headband and a cloth streaming out behind her. She has a large halo. She has at her side a bag or purse with three dangling tassles. [more...]


[picture: Winged angel with incense thurible]

Winged angel with incense thurible

A winged angel with a star on his forehead, a halo, wings and a flowing tunic, swings a thurible or incense burner on chains from one hand as he appears to hover. In Christion iconography, the smoke from [...] [more...]


[picture: Smiling winged angel with incense]

Smiling winged angel with incense

This drawing of a winged angel with a smiling face is from a full-page engraved border with Christin symbols. [more...]


[picture: Full-page ornate decorative border with Christian figures]

Full-page ornate decorative border with Christian figures

In this ornamental full-page border of vine-leaves and stylized leaves we see Jesus healng the lame, the dove of peace, a praying angel, an angel presenting a scroll, an angel seated, and two unidentified saints, one male and one female, possibly Joseph and Mary. Actually [...] [more...]


[picture: Beautiful and Unusual Full-Page Victorian Border]

Beautiful and Unusual Full-Page Victorian Border

This full-page floral border includes some scenes, both religious and other, and originally surrounded text from the Imitation of Christ. [more...]


[picture: Decorative Initial Letter J]

Decorative Initial Letter J

This decorative initial was used as a drop-cap for “Jésus-Christ” and features a leafy vines and criblę treatment of the black parts of the letter. The J does not descend below the baseline. [more...]


[picture: Resurrected Jesus floating in the Clouds]

Resurrected Jesus floating in the Clouds

Jesus here, with holes in his hands and feet, floats among clouds. His arms are raised in in a benediction, his bearded face gazes upwards as if to the Father, and there are [...] [more...]


[picture: Devil Cat]

Devil Cat

An angry cat (at least, I think it’s a cat) charges towards us with tail puffed up... but this cat has horns and cloven paws! [more...]


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