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From “An overland journey to the Great Eghibition of 1851”
By Richard Doyle. Published for the Brothers Dalziel by Messrs. Chapman & Hall.

“We gave Doyle a commission to do a Panorama of an Overland Journey to the Great Exhibition of 1851, which it was intended should be published before, or immediately after, the opening day. We need hardly say the drawings were not done to time; in fact, the last of them was not finished until just on the closing of the Exhibition, consequently the publication was a dead failure.

It is greatly to be regretted that Doyle did not see his way to complete this work at the date agreed upon, and while the great excitement about the Exhibition was at fever height, for the characteristic humour which is so peculiarly his own, and so cleverly depicted in the various Nationalities forming the Panorama, must have secured for the work a very extensive circulation, and thereby have added greatly to his reputation.” (pp. 59 – 61)

The drawing here shows five scotsmen wearing tartan; one is dancing; the next is blowing the bagpipes; the next stands barefoot and barelegged ready to throw a giant rock; the next (also bare-footed) is holding a caber, or giant pole, and appears to be less than happy about it; the last, though is perfectly happy, cuddling a giant bottle of drink.



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