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[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The front cover of the book is green and gold.


[picture: The Casuals]

The Casuals

The oil painting on which this engraving was based was exhibted under the title, Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward, at the Royal Academy in 1874; it was made to illustrate a scene from Dickens: [more...]


[picture: Clovelly, From the Hobby Walk]

Clovelly, From the Hobby Walk

The viewer is looking down a steeply-descending path through a seaside village towards the sea. There are slate rooves and some laundry over a fence. [more...]


[picture: The Gleaners]

The Gleaners

(By Fred Morgan) [more...]


[picture: A Railway Cutting]

A Railway Cutting

The engraving shows maybe 20 or more men working on making a railway cutting. In the background men are digging away at the ground; at centre, they lod the dirt onto a railway truck (US: a railroad waggon); a horse waits nearby to drag the full cart away. In the foreground is a man presumably raking the gravel between the rails, and another just [...] [more...]


[picture: The Condition of the Turkey]

The Condition of the Turkey

Perhaps Thanksgiving or Christmas is approaching, because the farm-boy is looking at the turkeys with interest and anticipation. [more...]


[picture: Initial letter ``t'' as flower in a pot]

Initial letter “t” as flower in a pot

An artistic and unusual decorative initial “t” from 1878: the letter T is on a flowering plant growing out of a square flower-pot decorated with a Chinese theme. [more...]


[picture: Colossal Bull]

Colossal Bull

By M. Cain. Grand Basin of the Trocadéro Palace.) [more...]


[picture: Grotesque Head]

Grotesque Head

By M. Legrain. From the Cascade Basin. [at the Paris Exhibition of 1878] [more...]


[picture: Grotesque Head [detail]]

Grotesque Head [detail]

A good picture for All-Souls Night or Halloween!

A detail from Grotesque Head


[picture: Decorative initial E with angel, woman and cherub]

Decorative initial E with angel, woman and cherub

This decorative initial featuers a miniature picture of a naked angel (we see his bottom!) listening patiently to a naked women on his left, with a little winged cherub boy on the right. There are also flowers and fronds. The capital letter was used as a drop cap in the book, 12.5 lines—generally considered bad practice, as a drpo cap should align with [...] [more...]


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