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[picture: Mirror-Frame (A Wood Carving by Panciera Besarel, of Venice)]

Mirror-Frame (A Wood Carving by Panciera Besarel, of Venice)

[A] mirror-frame by a Venetian wood-carver named Panciera Besarel, whose work exhibits more character and plasticity than perhaps any other Italian that could be named. (p. 265) [more...]


[picture: Initial letter ``I'' with fairy cupid and butterflies]

Initial letter “I” with fairy cupid and butterflies

This decorative initial letter “I” was used as a drop cap in the book. It features a naked cupid or winged cherub surrounded by butterflies; his wings are delicate, and his bare feet tread on soft grass through the night. It would be a nice capital to [...] [more...]


[picture: Letter I with fairy, coloured]

Letter I with fairy, coloured

I took this decorative capital “I” and coloured it. You could easily change the colours of course, in an image editing program. [more...]


[picture: Lord John Russell]

Lord John Russell

By J. E. Boehm, A.R.A. Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1880. [more...]


[picture: St. George and the Dragon]

St. George and the Dragon

An engraving showing a statue of St. George slaying the dragon, by J. E. Boehm, A.R.A. St. George is here depicted as an almost-naked man riding a horse, a Roman centurian wearing only sandals and a helmet, with a cape flowing about his shoulders and a spear [...] [more...]


[picture: St. George and the Dragon [detail]]

St. George and the Dragon [detail]

A detail from St. George and the Dragon showing the dragon’s head.


[picture: For Ever. By Herbert Schmalz.]

For Ever. By Herbert Schmalz.

To the genre of sentiment, not history, belong Mr. Herbert Schmalz’s “For Ever” (page 352) and Mr. Arthur Stocks’ “Her Sweetest Flower” (page 349); the one is romantic, the other realistic, but both are very tender and sincere in feeling. Mr. Schmalz’s group is posed in lamplight, moonlight shining outside, and consists of a very lovely golden-haired lady and her dark lover, a troubadour, who sits at her feet pausing [...] [more...]


[picture: Initial Capital Letter ``D'' with Bacchus]

Initial Capital Letter “D” with Bacchus

Decorative initial letter capital “D” featuring vine-leaves, and a modestly-clad almost-naked seated Bacchus figure with a large wine-cup. A bare-footed woman or boy outside the letter holds a jug or ewer. Initials with leaves like this are said to be foliated; [...] [more...]


[picture: Heraldic Dragon.]

Heraldic Dragon.

The dragon is, perhaps, the most venerable symbol employed in ornamental art. (p. 375) [more...]


[picture: Decorative Initial T With Dragons]

Decorative Initial T With Dragons

An initial used for a drop cap (drop capital, or decorative initial) in this 1880 book. The initial is a letter “T” and has two dragons in it. It is signed with a monogram LFD, [...] [more...]


[picture: Decorative Initial T With Dragons (Borderless Version)]

Decorative Initial T With Dragons (Borderless Version)

This is a version of the drop cap letter t with a dragon but without the gray border around it, to make it a little more versatile. You can use the smaller sizes directly in your Web pages if you like. In the book it spans 14 lines of text. [more...]


[picture: Initial letter T with cherubs]

Initial letter T with cherubs

An initial letter “T” used as a drop cap in the magazine; the letter is supported by two naked people wity styized wings; they have genitals but are clearly intended to be infants. There is also a floral (floriated) [...] [more...]


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