1.—Alphabet After Serlio, Reconstructed by Albert R. Ross.details

[Picture: 1.—Alphabet After Serlio, Reconstructed by Albert R. Ross.]
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1.—Alphabet After Serlio, Reconstructed by Albert R. Ross.

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Constructed capitals: diagram showing how to draw letters with rulers and compasses against a grid.

“An excellent model for constructing the Roman capitals in a standard form will be found in the beautiful adaptation by Mr. A. R. Ross, [Fig. 1] and [Fig. 2], from an alphabet of capitals drawn by Sebastian Serlio, an Italian architect, engraver and painter of the sixteenth century, who devised some of the most refined variants of the classic Roman letter. Serlio’s original forms which are shown in [Fig. 39] and [Fig. 40], were intended for pen or printed use; but in altering Serlio’s scheme of proportions it will be observed that Mr. Ross

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