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3.—Chapter I of Blake’s Book of Urizen

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Chap: I

1. Lo, a shadow of horror is risen
In Eternity! Unknown, unprolific?
Self-clos’d, all-repelling: what Demon
Hath form’d this abominable void
This soul-shudd’ring vacuum? – Some said
“It is Urizen”, But unknown, abstracted
Brooding secret, the dark power hid.

2. Tunes on times he divided, & measur’d
Space by space in his ninefold darkness
Unseen, unknown: changes appeard
In his desolate mountains risond [?] furious.
By the black winds of perturbation.

3. For he strove in battles dire
In unseen conflictions with shapes
Bred from his forsaken wilderness.
Of beast, bird, fish, serpent & element
Combustion, blast, vapour and cloud.

4. Dark revolving in silent activity:
Unseen in tormenting passions;
An activity unknown and horrible;
A self-contemplating shadow,
In enormous labours occupied

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