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[picture: Frontispiece: Restormel Castle Steam Locomotive, GWR]

Frontispiece: Restormel Castle Steam Locomotive, GWR

4-6-0 four-cylinder express engine No. 5010, “Restormel Castle,” G.W.R. [Great Western Railway] [more...]


[picture: 1.---``Royal Scot'' train, near Shap summit, Engine No. 6134 ``Samson'']

1.—“Royal Scot” train, near Shap summit, Engine No. 6134 “Samson”

Among the outstanding features of British Railway operation of to-day is the development of the long distance non-stop run. This has been made possible by water-troughs, enabling an engine to [...] [more...]


[picture: 9.---7ft Single Express Locomotive, No. 123]
[picture: 11.---The ``Cornwall'']

11.—The “Cornwall”

8 ft 6 in single-driver engine, “Cornwall,” No. 3020, London and North Western Railway, 1847 [more...]


[picture: 24.---Re-constructed ``Atlantic'' Type Locomotive]

24.—Re-constructed “Atlantic” Type Locomotive

This steam engine was rebuilt in 1930 to add a “booster” engine to the front axle of the bogie under the driver’s cab. The booster was a small steam engine used only at low speeds, to give additional traction. I’m not sure [...] [more...]


[picture: High Pressure Compound Locomotive]

High Pressure Compound Locomotive

4-6-4 express locomotive fitted with Gresley-Yarrow water-tube boiler, No. 10,000, L. & N.E.R., 1929


[picture: 28.---4-4-0 Engine ``City of Truro'']

28.—4-4-0 Engine “City of Truro”

4-4-0 Passenger engine, No. 3440, “City of Truro.” G.W.R., 1903 [more...]


[picture: 33.---``Cornish Riviera Express'' – Great Western Railway]

33.—“Cornish Riviera Express” – Great Western Railway

The “Cornish Riviera” train passing Twyford, 10.30 a.m. Ex Paddington, G.W.R. [more...]


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