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Victor Hugo at his writing desk

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Victor Hugo in his study – A Sketch from Nature by M. Régamey. The picture shows the poet Victor Hugo standing at his writing desk, which the text implies was in his bedroom. The engraving is also signed, “Guillumy, Sc.” (for Sculpt, or engraved). The signature is hard to read and I could not find any definite information about the identity of the artist.

Victor Hugo has never given up the habit of early rising; he nearly always quits his bed at five o’clock, remaining in his bedroom, which has become his favourite place of study, as being more quiet and retired than any other apartment. His bed is perfectly horizontal, and he uses neither bolster nor pillow. Amongst these minor details we may mention that he has never accostomed hiself to the use of an overcoat, and has never carried an umbrella; the absence of these precautions has resulted in more han one severe cold, and it is only within the last few years that he has yielded to the advice of an eminent physician, and abandoned the cold bath which it was his habit to take every morning. He has never been a smoker. (p 392)


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