Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards (page 2/8)

[picture: Trump 1: Magician.]

Trump 1: Magician.

Major Arcana (trumps): Magician

[picture: Trump 2: High Priestess.]

Trump 2: High Priestess.

Major Arcana (trumps): High priestess

[picture: Trump 3: Empress.]

Trump 3: Empress.

Major Arcana (trumps): Empress

[picture: Trump 4: Emperor.]

Trump 4: Emperor.

Major Arcana (trumps): Emperor

[picture: Trump 5: Hierophant.]

Trump 5: Hierophant.

Major Arcana (trumps): Hierophant

[picture: Trump 6: Lovers.]

Trump 6: Lovers.

Major Arcana (trumps): Lovers

[picture: Trump 7: Chariot.]

Trump 7: Chariot.

Major Arcana (trumps): Chariot

[picture: Trump 8: Justice.]

Trump 8: Justice.

Major Arcana (trumps): Justice

[picture: Trump 9: Hermit.]

Trump 9: Hermit.

Major Arcana (trumps): Hermit

[picture: Trump 10: Wheel of Fortune.]

Trump 10: Wheel of Fortune.

Major Arcana (trumps): Wheel of fortune

[picture: Trump 11: Strength.]

Trump 11: Strength.

Major Arcana (trumps): Strength

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