Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards (page 3/8)

[picture: Trump 12: Hanged Man.]

Trump 12: Hanged Man.

Major Arcana (trumps): Hanged man


[picture: Trump 13: Death.]

Trump 13: Death.



[picture: Trump 14: Temperance.]

Trump 14: Temperance.

Major Arcana (trumps): Temperance


[picture: Trump 17: Star.]

Trump 17: Star.

Major Arcana (trumps): Star


[picture: Trump 18: Moon.]

Trump 18: Moon.

Major Arcana (trumps): Moon


[picture: Trump 19: Sun.]

Trump 19: Sun.

Major Arcana (trumps): Sun


[picture: Trump 20: Judgement.]

Trump 20: Judgement.

Major Arcana (trumps): Judgement


[picture: Trump 21: World.]

Trump 21: World.

Major Arcana (trumps): World


[picture: Trump 0 (or 22): Fool.]

Trump 0 (or 22): Fool.



[picture: Ace of Coins.]

Ace of Coins.



[picture: Deuce of Coins.]

Deuce of Coins.



[picture: Three of Coins]

Three of Coins



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